Delivery Charges

Vehicle Size

MilesVan or Pickup TruckSmall Flatbed OR 
Pickup Truck w/ Small Trailer
Large Flatbed

0-2 mi.

2-5 mi.

6-10 mi.

11-20 mi.

> 20 mi.
$40.00 + $1.00/mi 
over 20 mi
$50.00 + $1.50/mi 
over 20 mi
$100.00 + $2.00/mi 
over 20 mi

Scag_Turf_Tiger_IIAdditional charges may apply for:
  • Deliveries requiring extra manpower
  • Deliveries requiring extensive load/unload times
  • Deliveries of block or drywall
  • Deliveries of non-typical size, weight or length

*  New mower delivery is discounted at HALF PRICE
** Mowers picked up/delivered for service will be charged for one and a half (1.5) trips instead of two (2).

Delivery mileage/cost is calculated to/from specified KQH store location

All deliveries are to the curb

Click links below to calculate estimated pick-up/delivery mileage